Your Brand on Flowers

Who would not like receiving flowers? A promotional merchandize won't please all, but flowers... they are for everyone, and for every occassion! 

Build your customer relationship by giving branded flowers as your promotional gift! Increase footfall by printing your company's logo, business name, phone number, or a catchy message that may convert recipients or onlooker to a future business lead. By making flowers part of your marketing campaign, your company will be known to choose exclusivity over ordinary, service over profit, and the power of word of mouth publicity will quadruple your business growth!

Take promotional merchandizing to the next level by sending a video message about your company, new product launch or a great offer with an instant code printed directly on real fresh flower. The video launches when the recipient holds it in front of a camera connected to the internet. As an example, the flower recipient may scan to avail of an exclusive offer! A QR code can also be printed on a rose or many other organic surfaces like gourmet chocolates, cookies, fruits, candles and many other unimaginable surfaces,

Make personalised flowers part of your marketing campaign and watch them do the selling!

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