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Logo on Arrangements

Logo on Arrangements


Your company logo will be printed on fully customizable roses arranged with complimenting flowers and foliage. Rose and Ink color choices, vase and packaging upgrades are available to choose from the dropdown menus below. 

A minimum order of three promotional roses is required.


Please allow 3 business days for processing between order received and delivery. Once the order is received, we shall send you a digital proof of your logo on the chosen rose color. We shall await your approval for the next 12 hours. If we do not receive your feedback within 12 hours after we have sent the proof, we shall continue with the printing process. Please note that all our orders are shipped via FedEx Overnight. So, rest assured once the freshest stock of flowers are printed, they are shipped without any further delay.

    LOGO image upload guidelines:
  • Please provide a high contrast Black and White logo image on a white or transparent background.
  • A .JPEG or .GIF file formats are accepted.
  • Image must be at least 150 dpi in resolution.
  • Avoid upscaling a low resolution logo as that will generate an unprofessional and pixelated image on the rose.
  • Please contact us if you have further questions.

Please make the following corrections:

    Roses Price
    3 $51.99
    6 $97.49
    12 $183.49
    18 $259.50
    24 $323.79
    Image #

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    Images must be in JPG or GIF format and their maximum size is 3MB.
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    Please make the following corrections: